Jailbreak | Winter 2016 Sermon Series

Jailbreak: Unlocking the Potential in Jesus' Followers
Winter 2016 Sermon Series in the Book of Philippians

Jailbreak is an interesting term that can be divisive—between generations or between gadget geeks and well, the rest of us! For some, jailbreak means what it says, a bad guy makes a run for it. If that was your first thought, embrace your non-geekiness. And the likelihood your 30’s are in the rearview mirror! If your first thought was unlocking the potential of your phone so that you can get the latest apps, then you’re probably younger than 40 and, our condolences, most likely unofficial tech support for your family. But jailbreak doesn’t always mean it’s a bad guy looking to bust out. And it isn’t necessarily a geek defying the limitations of their phone or their provider. The apostle Paul did time. But instead of plotting his escape, he made the most of it! He used the circumstances God put him in and made a testimony to those who knew him. Over the next seven (7) weeks, we’re going to look at the Book of Philippians.  We will view Paul’s ministry from prison and how he used that time to unlock not only his potential, but that of those around him.