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We are so glad that you decided to check us out! So you probably have some questions about us. That is perfectly understandable. Maybe you have never attended CG or perhaps you have but would like to know more. We will provide a few answers here that are generally asked by guests.

If we do not cover it here, then contact us HERE and we will get answers to you as soon as possible.

FAQ #1

What kind of church are you?
A. We are a non-denominational church. Members and regular attendees have a variety of previous church backgrounds, and some have none at all.

FAQ #3

What is the dress code?
A. We do not have a dress code. Just be yourself. That works for us!

FAQ #5

Who leads your church?
A. Elders lead CG. Think of them as appointed spiritual leaders.
Derek Chinn and Paul tenZeldam are non-staff elders and Avery Stafford is our Lead Pastor and staff elder.


FAQ #2

What is Sunday worship like?
A. Approx. 70 people attend worship services. Music is upbeat. Songs are easy to sing (lyrics on screen). We'd say our style is contemporary. More info is HERE.

FAQ #4

Do I have to give money?
A. No! We do not expect guests to give money. We won't even ask!

FAQ #6

So how do I get connected?
A. Start by attending our Sunday worship services on a regular basis. Sign up for our weekly email updates. But the best way to get connected is to join a Life Community Group HERE.