Breadcrumbs: Looking for Biblical Clues to Answer Tough Questions

What’s the first question you want to ask God when you see Him? Is there that one tough question about the Christian faith you hope no one ever asks you? Or maybe there are just times when being a Christian leaves you more confused than enlightened? The questions are many but answers can be hard to come by. We’re going to try and find those answers as a church family. On June 21, we’ll start digging into God’s Word to see what He has to say to us with a sermon series called “Breadcrumbs: Looking for Biblical Clues to Answer Tough Questions.” Every sermon topic will be chosen randomly from questions turned in by our church members. We will reveal one question every Sunday starting June 14. That same question will be answered the following Sunday in Pastor Avery's message.

Invite family and friends to join us as we seek out those breadcrumbs in search of God’s Grace and God’s will for us.