Breadcrumbs Questions and Dates

Our Breadcrumbs series continues through this summer as we look for Biblical clues to find answers to tough questions. Here are the upcoming dates and questions in our series:

July 5. How Can the Church Reflect the Love of Christ Without Openly Accepting Everyone?

July 12. How Do You Prove the Existence of God to a Friend?

July 19. Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People (or His Children)?

July 26. If God Gives Us a Choice to Follow Him or Not, Why Does He Punish Us for Exercising Our Will?

August 2. How Can We Have Assurance of Salvation (When We Can Be Deceived That We Know the Lord But Do Not)?

August 9. What Is Truth?

August 16. Can the Bible Be Trusted Even Though There Are Errors in It?

August 23. How Can Anyone Understand Scripture When Theologians Have Disagreed on Interpretations for Centuries?

August 30. Should Not the Church Talk More About Real World Events From the Pulpit?