Good Friday & Easter | March 25th & 27th

You are cordially invited to our Easter worship gatherings. For Easter Sunday, we promise 3 things to all of our guests:

1 - We promise that you will see other people like you (age, ethnicity, color, busted NCAA brackets).
2 - We promise to take care of your kids and keep them safe (you can even keep your kids with you in the worship service and get no glaring looks from any of us).
3 - We promise that you will have a chance to spiritually start over, refresh, or renew with no strings attached.

OK, 4 promises:

4 - We promise that the name of Jesus will be spoken and heard a lot!

So come check us out. You will be our honored guests. Good Friday, March 25th, at 7:00 pm; Sunday, March 27th at 4:00 pm.